Frequently Asked Questions

There are a few questions that Bluebell Florists are frequently asked so i thought it might be helpful to list them here.

Can I visit the shop?

Yes. The shop is open from 10 am until 4pm Tuesday to Friday and 11am until 1pm on a Saturday.

What areas do you deliver to?

Bluebell Florists delivers to all HD postcode areas across the Huddersfield area with the exeption of HD6 (Brighouse) and Huddersfield Royal Infirmary. We also do not deliver to homes or businesses within the inner ring road of the town centre, unless by prior agreement. If you wish to place an order to an address within this area, please contact Bluebell Florists prior to placing your order.

How are contactless deliveries during the pandemic being carried out?

All deliveries are carried out using a contactless approach. Our delivery drivers will knock on the door and then place the flowers down and stand well back and wait for the recipient to answer and take the flowers. 

What happens if no one is home when my flowers are delivered?

Initially, the delivery driver will assess to see whether there is a safe, sheltered place on the property to leave the flowers. If there is, the flowers are placed there. If there is no where suitable to leave the flowers, we see if a neighbour is williing to accept the flowers. If neither of these are an option, the flowers are returned to the shop. A card is posted through the door to let the recipient know that Bluebell Florists has attempted delivery, tell them where the flowers have been left or if the flowers have been returned to the shop they are asked to call us to rearrange delivery.

What time will my flowers be delivered?

Due to factors such as area that the flowers are travelling to, the time that the fresh flower delivery arrives at Bluebell Florists and level of busy in the shop, it is very diffuicult to provide a delivery time within a specific time slot. However if you have a preference for am or pm please mention this in the order notes, and we will do our best to keep to this.  

How long do cut flowers last?

Bluebell Florists has a delivery of fresh flowers daily and only uses the highest qualty, freshest flowers available. Generally you should expect to get around 7 days of life from your fresh cut flowers. However many varieties will last longer than this and some flowers such as stocks and spring flowers may last slightly less. However longevity of your flowers is also dependent on the environmental conditions that the flowers are kept in once received. Underfloor heating, radiators and woodburners / agas are not very friendly to flowers so it is recommended that you place your flowers as far from these heat sources as possible. To ensure the best from your gift bouquet of flowers, remove the packaging on arrival  or at the most within 24 hours, cut a couple of centimetres off the stems ends of your bouquet and place in a clean container of fresh cool water. It is essential that you clean the container, change the water and re trim the stem ends at least every other day and remove any fading blooms as your flowers open and develop. For flowers arranged within a container such as a hatbox, dont forget to top this up with water daily. Flowers drink a lot of water and can quickly dry out if they are not kept hydrated so keep an eye on the water level on your container.

My flowers have arrived in a water bubble and box, Can they stay like this?

No. To get the longest life from your flowers, it is essential to remove their wrapping. Although the wrapping round your flowers looks attractive and you may want to leave your flowers like that to admire them, it is much better for your flowers to be removed from their packaging and placed in a container of fresh water as soon as possible after you have received them... imagine you had to sit in a warm room with your outdoor coat on all day!. You would be hot and uncomfortable and flowers are the same. By removing the flowers from their packaging, you will also be able to see them so much better. So snap a few pictures of your flowers in all it packaging dressed up finery and then get them unwrapped. 

How much should I be spendng on flowers?

In the shop when it is open, Bluebell Fllorists sells flowers singley by the stem and generally has a range of small gift posies available starting from around £15. However for gift bouquets for delivery or collection from the shop, handtied bouquets are the most popular option. This is a bunch of flowers which is pre arranged into a bunch, ready to be placed in a vase. The average spend on a handtied gift bouquet at Bluebell Florists is around £40, for example 'The Bluebell Handtied' and between £50 and £60 for a handtied in a water bubble, for example 'The Bluebell Aqua'.  This allows a good mix of flowers using the flower ingredients that Bluebell Florists likes to use such as roses, hydrangea, clematis, stocks and country, natural, flowing foliages.  For smaller budgets, 'The Bluebell Bunch' starts from £30 excluding delivery. This is a selection of flowers, wrapped in quality paper and tied with raffia or jute. I often get asked what will make more of a  wow sized bouquet and i would say that this would be around the £70 and above level.

The person i am sending flowers to lives local to your shop so is delivery free?

Delivery of flowers is a service offered to get your flowers to the recipient. The standard delivery charge is £6.  For orders within a few minutes walk from the shop, I will as a gesture of goodwill waive the delivery charge. However for orders requiring a vehicle, even a two minute drive down the road, there will be the standard delivery charge of £6. This is to cover the cost of a drivers time to collect the flowers from the shop, load them into the vehicle, make the journey using their time and fuel, unload the flowers on arrival and deliver them to the recipients door and any additional time/ admin required such as finding a safe place, writing delivery cards / leaving with a neighbour if not in etc.  If you prefer not to pay a delivery charge and would rather deliver the flowers yourself, you can click and collect from the shop.

Why is there no sachet of flower food with my flowers?

Bluebell Florists no longer adds a sachet of flower food to flowers. The best thing you can do to get the longest life from your flowers is change the water and clean the vase regularly. 

What happens if the flowers I sent / received dont seem to be lasting as long as they should?

Thankfully this question is not asked all that frequently but i thought i would add this on just so you know what to do...Firstly is is imprtant to acknowledge that flowers dont come out of a machine and are a natural product so occasionally they dont behave as they should.  They have often travelled many miles to get to you from as far afield as Holland, Africa and Columbia. Diuring this time, factors such as  extremes in temperature and length of time in transport can on rare occasions affect a flowers ability to thrive. All flowers are carefully inspected on arrival but sometimes problems may not be evident in the few hours i have the flowers in my shop before they go out to their new home.  In the event that there is an problem with the flowers delivered, please contact Bluebell Florists as soon as a problem is noticed so that we can resolve the issue for you as quickly and efficiently as possible.  Please telephone the shop in the first instance as this is often the quickest way to get the issue resolved. I completely understand you will be disappointed but please be nice as i will be as upset as you are that your flowers are not performing as expected. Please be assured I will do all I can to put the situation right in the quickest time I am able to, whether that be a replacement or a refund.