Gift Flowers Online


Here you will find a variety of floral gifts to choose from. Each gift option allows you to select your preferred colour palette and preferred size / budget. 

A guide to budget:

Many customers are unsure of how much they should be spending on flowers and may rarely, if ever have bought flowers from a florist. Deciding how much to spend on a floral gift can be confusing with limited knowledge of how big the bouquet will be  for the amount  being spent and price comparisons often being made to flowers frequently purchased and available from general non floral specific retailers.

Flowers purchased from a Florist are a luxury product, using a florists experience, skills, expertise and  a genuine love of flowers. Bluebell Florists selects and stocks high quality flowers, uses knowledge and experience to store and care for the flowers properly and and uses design skills to create beautiful floral gifts.  The flowery ingredients selected and used in designs are premium quality, long stemmed and more select, unusual and choice flower varieties. This is opposed to more readily available and shorter stemmed varieties that can often be found at grocery shops.

The starting price at Bluebelll Florists is £30 for the 'Bluebell Bunch (standard size)'. This is a simple gift wrap of flowers and is the minimum sized spray of flowers that Bluebell considers an appropriate size to send as a floral gift, consisting of an average of around 8 to 10 stems of mixed flowers plus foliage.

The average spend recommended by Bluebell Florists for an impactful bunch is around £50. This allows a good selection of flower varieties and foliages to create a lovely gift. The most popular gift options at Bluebell florists in this price range are the Bluebell Handtied and the Bluebell Aqua due to them being ready arranged by the florist and vase ready.

Want to really impress .... a budget of around £70  and above will do it. 


Placing an Order:

Orders can be placed for delivery or collection from the shop from Tuesday to Saturday each week.  

All floral gifts include the option for you to write a message which will be personally handwritten for you.


You will need to supply the following information:

-the full name of the person who the floral gift is for (the recipient). 

-the full and correct delivery address  of where the flowers are being delivered to.

- A contact number for either yourself (the sender) or the recipient (the person receiving the flowers) and preferably both.

Please also let us know of any additional information that will assist our drivers, for example any possible access issues such as electric gates.


Once your order has been viewed by Bluebell Florists, you will receive a confirmation e-mail. You will receive a further e-mail notification letting you know when your order has been delivered.

If you prefer, you can call Bluebell Florists on 01484 768798 to place your order. You will need the recipients full name and address and your payment details. 

If you cant find what you are looking for or require something more specific, please give Bluebell Florists a call.